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Recruiting Associates

Recruiting associates (RAs) are members who recommend others to sign up as AppsWorkforce members. In general you should:
  • Only recruit people you think are as smart or better yet smarter than you. If you do this you'll be ensuring you're making an addition to the membership pool
  • Understand that a team of smart individuals is better than a team constituted of your childhood friends. I.e. you must be impartial in your approach to recruiting
  • Be an active member of AppsWorkforce, in particular you must actively track your courses and be active on the friends discussion group
  • Live, breathe and eat the AppsWorkforce mantra of (Learn or Earn) and have Fun in the process
You may apply for an RA position after recommending two members. RAs earn a base pay of the FG minimum of 19k (~$50) per month in addition to a 20% commission on future recommendations. RAs posts are renewable 3 month contracts, your contract will only be renewed if you earned an average of $100 or more during your contract period (i.e. in addition to your base pay of $50 monthly, you must have earned at least an additional $50 in commissions). RAs that have held the position for up to 4 months may organize a recruiting event within their community and submit an expense budget that will be funded by AppsWorkforce. Typical recruitment event is a talk, lunch. movie session (currently approved movies are Finding Forrester, Pay it Forward and 300)