www.appsworkforce.comListed below are the earning opportunities we're committed to providing AppsWorkforce members. If you're not a member we strongly encourage you to search for similar opportunities within your immediate community.

All earning opportunities are higher than the federal minimum wage of 19,000 Naira, in particular members applying for any of the positions listed below earn between $100 USD and $,1,000 USD. Payments are made in Naira according to the current FX rate listed on Google. The FX calculation is done only once upon commencement of the job and the Naira equivalent spans the lifetime of the initial job contract. Upon expiry of an opportunity, a new dollar amount will be negotiated for renewal of the existing job contract or if applying for a different job opportunity.  

So we're not in the USA so you shouldn't expect to earn this much. However if you learn right, then with time you can earn a lot more than introductory $1k max monthly wage estimates we provided. The simple truth is most won't be willing to honestly learn for 20-40 hours per week, but if you can then you'll eventually come to the realization that if you're capable, $1k USD monthly for your services is very cheap. Cheap enough for you to get remote job opportunities if for whatever reasons you can't find such opportunities around you. First, you must learn, the earning part is a natural consequence of that, and all along the way, do have try and have some fun. Programming can be quite enjoyable.