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Industrial Training (IT)

Appsworkforce members that are currently students at a Polytechnic or University may list AppsWorkforce as their place of employment. Noteworthy:
  • You must be tracking one or more courses during the lifespan of your IT
  • You must provide weekly updates on the membership portal
  • Upon completion of your IT you must submit a printout of your track transcripts to your school
  • We do not provide any physical signatures as this breaks the strictly online model
  • We provide digital signatures, via a verification url that you can send to any official within your school
Typically Appsworkforce members that are approved for IT with us are placed in our work-study program which pays $100 per month. We will approve your IT only if we are confident that sooner rather than later (must be prior to IT expiration) you can be placed in a work-study program. Members already enrolled in the work-study program get automatic approval but are subject to the bullet points listed above during the period of their IT.