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Post date: Jan 3, 2019 7:11:20 PM

1 month Evaluation License (Education Edition) issued on New Years' eve 2018. Licenses will expire on the 31st of Jan 2019.

State of our union

As a kid growing up in Ibadan, I remember my peers that'd visited Lagos telling tales of encountering traffic lights, something unheard of in Ibadan in the 80s. As an adult 3rd mainland bridge remains an impressive civil engineering feat that connects an entire city together intelligently. It's not surprising then that interest in MOOCs as garnered from registration data depicted below and Facebook activity of 6k+ likes has Lagos leading the pack. Eko o ni baje o

350 of 450 registered members reported state of residence. State breakdown extracted from Google's Cloud Datastore is thus:


If you're registered with a license, login to to start tracking your MOOCs, otherwise follow instructions upon login regarding renewing your license. All registered members were issued a trial license on New Year's eve.


AW registration is currently closed so I can focus on mentoring the subset of currently registered students. However interested applicants can send an email to AW requesting registration/licensing thus

    1. Visit and read through all the cards on the page. You'll find cards by clicking on each sentence or link on the page

  1. Read through the AW curriculum suggestions to get a sense of where you want to start pacing your MOOCs

  2. Email to request an interview

General public

AW MOOC suggestions are publicly listed and is curated using the following criteria

    • Courses offered by universities ranked highly in the United States, e.g. MIT is consistently ranked top 3 in computer science in the America

    • Courses must be free to audit

    • Courses that have popular and favorable reviews online

Click here for a list of codecademy (introductory) and edX courses. Completing and understanding the material for the first python course offered my MIT is better for your programming career than getting a bachelors degree in computer science at most tertiary institutions (yes that includes unilag, oau and ui).

It's through no fault of the students that acquiring software development skills in college in Nigeria amounts to an exercise in futility. it's simply a case of criminally outdated curriculums and lecturers too underpaid to fight the curriculum. Yes there are a few students that go the extra mile to educate themselves online but that only begs the question, how good would such students be if all they did was learn online? Got MOOC?

Ultimately my advice to all young Nigerians is you reap what you sow. You have the right to choose an education and with MOOCs, you have a quality alternative to the current system that touts failure like a badge of honor.

Young Nigerians are failing jamb. Neither codecademy nor edX require jamb and both are free, Alhamdulilah. You do however need to have basic mathematics/english knowledge at o-level (SS2 curriculum). If not you will struggle with your MOOCS.

If you cheated yourself of o-levels by choosing to engage in academic misconduct (i.e. you have certificate but you don't understand algebra), take the time to re-educate yourself (also for free) using KhanAcademy's online courses on mathematics and english for high school / secondary school students

Youth is wealth and time is money. Get started now.

Love yourself,



How much does it cost? is a question I often get. My model is two fold.

    • AppsWorkforce (AW) promotes learning and in particular learning via MOOCs. You can audit most MOOCs on your own for free

    • Appsworkforce membership licenses are not free

      • Flexible pricing model (pay for the hours that suits your learning objectives)

      • Access to AW MOOC tracking tools for select curriculum spanning MIT, Harvard and UC Berkely

      • We groom and pay members to serve as TAs (testing assistants for the AW MOOC tracking tools, teaching assistants that have successfully completed MOOC in question)

      • Course and career counseling to our members

      • Supervised team projects as well as tracking independent project work

      • AW is not a website, it's a people. The codebase has consistently adapted to suit the need of its members

      • Connect with like minded individuals that want to rebuild Nigeria online. Yahoo+, if I hear? ... GBWL (Google Baby With Laptop) , holler @ AW