MIT's 6.00.1x on edX

Post date: May 2, 2019 11:55:47 PM

Once upon a time, learning computer science in Nigeria was bleak but now, there is 6.00.1x.

This course provides an excellent introduction to computer science and programming. The course is taught online by professors at MIT. I've been using a flipped MOOC model that leverages the course content from 6.00.1x to teach programming since 2016.

Taking this course is a privilege. I'm immensely grateful to the good people at MITx for providing this opportunity to the world . Over a million students enroll globally each time the course is offered.

In particular, it provides young Nigerians with a credible and viable way to learn. Our country is mired with problems and this course definitely builds your problem solving skills with weekly intriguing challenges that require programming solutions

This is a happily ever after ending. In my humble opinion, this course is heaven sent. Everyone should try it!

15 hours per week commitment is recommended to keep pace with the course.

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