Learn, Earn and have Fun

Post date: Jun 9, 2018 8:59:00 PM

We strive to foster an envinroment online that encourages you to understand what you choose to learn and to do so in a manner that places a value on your education.

There's a certain sense of pride that comes from earning a decent living out of building solutions to real world problems. With that pride comes the joy of programming.


    1. Visit our curriculum page and register for any Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) that's listed on the page

    2. Register at www.appsworkforce.com, you will need to login then click on register under the Membership menu. Confirm submission by clicking on status under the Membership menu.

    3. Afterwards visit the Membership menu again and click on select license. License pricing varies from Naira equivalents of $1 (One USD) , $,2,500 (Two thousand and five hundred USD) and $5,000 (Five thousand USD). Confirm selection by clicking sequentially on a couple of items listed under the Billing menu: billing history and download invoice. Call us at 0906-176-6041 afterwards for payment instructions , visit confirm payment under the Billing menu after the call.


    • Visit your availability intelligence website to make a honest assessment as to how much time you're available to work without adversely impacting your education. You want to score an A on the availability to learn check, learning increases your earning potential. In general you want to start with a ratio of 3:1 learning hours to working hours.

    • The AppsWorkforce Work-Study 2018 AI Edition 21 slots available, only one slot occupied thus far. Compensation varies over a span of one year, from $100 monthly - $800 USD monthly. Work study offers are made via J.A,M.B, either the members only Job Acceptance Matching Board (J.A.M.B) or the invite only Junior Analyst MailBox (J.A.M.B)

    • Individuals and teams may choose to apply for private projects after completing the M.I.T python 1 course. Projects run for a quarter (3 months) and comes with a stipend of ($300 to $600), payable in two installments (after the first month and after the second month)


Competitive activities listed under the Fun menu on AppsWorkforce.com as well as any activities posted on facebook.com/appsworkforce

Additional Resources

www.appsworkforce.com/#questions for questions we have received in the past about AppsWorkforce and its MOOC agenda.

www.appsworkforce.com/#requests for currently listed products and services available to AppsWorkforce members.

It takes just a token fee of a dollar (360 Naira) to become a member. We look forward to welcoming you.


Segun Sobulo

Principal Director @ AppsWorkforce

M.S. Computer Science (University of Illinois @ Urbana Champaign)

B.S. Computer Engineering (Illinois Institute of Technology)