Lab School Registration - August 4th - August 10th

Post date: Aug 7, 2020 2:49:22 AM

We are conducting due diligence on closed batches. We are no longer collecting responses on any forms (facebook or google), if you are able to apply on a form, it's been deprecated.

Verification links will be sent to all emails collected on Google Forms as well as any @appsworkforce.appspotmail account currently receiving emails.


Batch 1 - AW Facebook

1 Google meet

Batch A - Google Forms

Learn: 3 applicants

Earn: 24 applicants

Fun: 7 applicants


Email AW sky (fun) and principal(labs) on their appspotmail addresses. See previous post to apply for lab school or join a project

What is appspotmail? See an example found searching what is appspotmail on Google

Appspotmail is deprecated, we'll leave the mail handler until we migrate to Java 11, it's been setup since 2016, we're using it for the first time now (the emails are TLS encrypted by Google mail servers). We'll stop collecting responses via appspotmail on August 10th.