Big Brother

Post date: Nov 14, 2018 3:17:50 AM

AppsWorkforce Back End

Big brother is watching. Start tracking progress in select MOOCs by providing regular updates and I'll respond with my professional opinion.

Encouragement via constructive criticism is the modus operandi. You do the work and I make suggestions on how to improve upon your output.

#GIGO, garbage in ... garbage out. .. so keep it clean. AW has a zero tolerance policy on all kinds of academic misconduct and/or fraudulent work. Nothing personal but it's my job to ensure your shortcomings doesn't impact the next guy's aspirations.

AW rocks a nights of the round table (there's no head of the table but there is a king), 3 musketeers (all for one and one for all), and 300 (a well prepared team can defy all odds) approach to learning and earning.

II'm not ashamed to admit I don't know something, it's the first step towards learning something new. If you need help, just ask any member that's available and yes that includes me, it's really fun to help each other.

All opinions are welcome and there are no stupid questions, only foolish answers.

Best Regards,