AW Work-Study 2019 Apprentice Edition

Post date: Jun 7, 2019 1:13:11 PM

Learn 6.00.1x , then earn and have loads of fun in the process


Have a laptop with 8GB RAM

Have at least 10 hours / week availability

No prior programming experience required, beginners welcome


Ace 6.00.1x then teach/enhance web/mobile apps developed on Google's App Engine.

Recruiting new apprentices

Monthly wage for 2019/2020:

$10 per hour (10 to 100 hours monthly ~ ₦ 36, 000 k to ₦ 360,000 monthly income)


MIT programming certificate within a quarter (3 months)

1 year experience building cloud solutions

1 year AW G-Suite license, plugs you into my network

90% remote job, flexible working hours that allow you to pursue other educational and career opportunities


₦ 360,000