AppsWorkforce (Strictly Online)

Post date: Mar 25, 2018 1:53:01 PM

Please login to to start tracking your MOOC courses. You'll find pricing information for license fees under the choose license page. Current pricing is 2k, 50k and 100k. Visit the website for more details.

Our flagship course remains the MIT one introductory programming course. There are also code academy courses that provide an easier introduction to programming. Students who failed the o level math questions were turned away from the lab, there are no such checks in this strictly online edition. If you're struggling with the mathematical aspects of programming (which in all honesty is minimal compared to other engineering fields) please indicate your challenges in your course tracks and we'll provide you with additional resources to catch up with your courses.

If you completed the MIT python 1 course already, then UC Berkley is the next course for you. If you've completed this course as well then please escalate this as it's an indication that you're seriously ahead of the pack and can make significant contributions to project work.

If you have years of programming experience in courses unrelated to the ones we track, list those accomplishment on your CV/Resume, however your progress as a member will be measured only by your performance in the courses as well as activities we track.

Best of luck in all your educational/career endeavors, curriculum suggestions are listed freely on this site but I strongly hope to see membership numbers grow online. There's a huge demand for capable software developers and our goal remains to help you meet that demand.