80% discount off existing 75% discount. Do the math!! (offer expires March 5th)

Post date: Feb 14, 2018 12:55:02 PM

Good day All,

We ran a lab out of hussey plaza (see home page for last lecture/presentation there) in yaba in 2016. In 2017 we started ramping down the services we offered so we could retool the concept, in particular we wanted to go from a physical lab space to a strictly online model so we could reach more young Nigerians. Also since the lab was structured around MOOCs, requiring your physical presence takes away from the remote benefits that are an integral component of MOOCs.

We're still rolling out features for the new version of the site. However we believe we have enough to invite you to join us. The strictly online version of the site is split into two portions:

  • The reference site (about.appsworkforce.com) as well as our various social media channels. Content on here is available for free, in particular you can view our curriculum suggestions under the learn menu of this reference site.

  • Our members only site (www.appsworkforce.com), content on here is available at a token fee. We offer additional services for members here. When we launched the lab in 2016 we offered 75% off our prices. We attempted lifting this discount in 2017 and enrollment dropped drastically. We intend to revert back to the 2016 price model and will lift the discounts once again about a year from now

However if you're reading this message before March 5th 2018 and you sign up for membership before then, we're offering 80% discounts off the discounted prices in 2016. Visit www.appsworkforce.com to register and sign up for membership.Current pricing is 1.6k, 10k, and 20k.

There's strength in numbers, we look forward to seeing you on the friends discussion group. Make sure to introduce yourself after you join.

Lastly, if you can't afford the fees, here's the first lesson we teach "Always pay for internet and electricity". Once you're online visit any MOOC site and sign up for a course that suits your needs.

Best Regards,

Principal Director


Segun Sobulo