Suggested Career/ Curriculum Tracks

Listed below you can find curriculum suggestions we offer for members of AppsWorkforce. All courses listed are free to take or audit and they are also self paced.

We also encourage you to visit the MOOC (e.g. sites directly to search for courses that might better match your interests than our suggestions. You'll find courses that span various disciplines (e.g. liberal arts, social science, economics, business, etc) on MOOC platforms.

Please note that all MOOCs listed on this site have been confirmed as free. If you're trying to register for a course and the MOOC platform is seeking a payment, then look around for an option to audit the course

If the course comes with an option to pay for a certificate, do so if you can afford to. What you know trumps any paper certificate (that anyone can go print a forgery of at a cyber cafe). So why bother paying? See it more as a donation, an indication that you support the MOOC agenda and you're grateful for the learning opportunities it provides.

Where to start

I'm currently new to programing

Take the code academy python course

I'm currently a web app developer

Take the code academy javascript course

I'm an Android developer

Take the code academy java course

I'm ready to start analyzing problems and providing solutions via programming

Take MIT's introduction to programming course

I've completed all of the above:

Take code academy Ruby

Take the 2 UC Berkley software as a service course

What will I become after completing all these courses? You can proudly call yourself an analyst developer. An individual that uses software to provide customized solutions to real world challenges within their communities (be it a business or a social endeavor).