Code of Conduct



HAVE A BLUE COLLAR WORK ETHICBecoming a capable software engineer is hard-work.

That's okay, nothing good comes easy. We are looking for individuals that have the zeal, drive and patience to learn and to eventually apply knowledge honestly acquired to helping companies and societies grow with technology.

Create and dedicate time towards your classes and assignments. Also be patient, "Rome was not built in a day" it is important that you give yourself time to understand the fundamentals. It is the age old cliche of first we crawl, then we walk, afterwards we run, until we are strong enough to jump. With time, you'll fly and soar to new heights.

Be a team player

Have fun working with smart and energetic individuals

Thou shalt not Copy and Paste

A certificate is just a piece of paper, learning is what increases your earning potential!

If you're caught cheating on any of your course assignments and/or independent projects, your membership privileges will get revoked. It's that simple! When you make the choice to cheat, you deny yourself the opportunity to learn. Be honest about your learning obstacles, it is our job to help you overcome those obstacles.If you get stuck on your assignments or you're simply struggling to meet your personal deadlines, let us know (help is available).

Writing software is not rocket science. As long as you're willing to do the work, we're confident you can complete the curriculum on your own terms.

No one man is an island. Principles such as "division of labor" makes teamwork a more effective tool than individual brilliance in solving challenging problems.

We encourage you to constantly ask questions and likewise always be willing to lend a helping hand to your peers when they have questions.

At AppsWorkforce you will learn how to strike a balance between the competitive spirit (needed to thrive in a fast paced environment) and the team spirit (needed to break down complex problems into more manageable pieces).

Simple rule of thumb: knowledge sharing is a good thing!