Employment Research

MITx curriculum as a career shield: One of the biggest drawbacks to the information age is Africa. It's a problem MOOCs are addressing eloquently, there's a body of research that proves this (Jonathan Haber's MOOC by MIT press is a good reference)

One of the known issues with any MOOC strategy is revenue generation globally, which includes Africa. What's not being discussed is how MOOC grads aren't recruited by African organizations after completing courses from the best schools in the world.

Unilag is better than MITx curriculum because a Unilag graduate with the right network can drive a new car. Never mind that students ALWAYS report back after 1 week of that they have learnt more in a week than 4 years of college in Nigeria

Below is a sample job posting of what's currently attainable, figures are lower than NYC minimum wage and that's the challenge. It's more rewarding to work at KFC in New York than it is to be a programmer in Nigeria.

Recruiting an AW intern? Specify email address and member id below to view their verified programming reference. MITx alumns have a minimum valuation of $10/hr (or 300,000 naira for partime 20 hours/week)