Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants (TAs) assist other members with their assignments on the discussion group. They must also schedule two hangout sessions spanning two hours each per week. To be selected as a teaching assistant:

    • Must have completed course verification for the course you're serving as a TA

    • Be an active and helpful member on your license discussion group

    • Encourage new members to learn honestly and abide by the zero tolerance

    • Be ok with not being the smartest member on the discussion group

    • Facilitate new topics/threads on the discussion group in order to shed more light on a concept in the course

    • Never offer solutions to problems/assignments and discourage others from doing the same

    • Be ok with saying I don't know and be willing to research what you don't know

    • Be friendly to others and be a good team player

Teaching assistants earn up to $100 monthly whiles tracking their own courses and assisting with courses they've taken already. You can not apply for a TA spot, rather AppsWorkforce drafts its TAs from the membership pool. Being a TA is also a strong barometer for being selected into the AppsWorkforce junior analyst program.