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Get access to tools and tips that'll help you start or continue a career in computer science and programming.

Below are more details on the lab, it's a bit lengthy but we recommend you read through it before purchasing a license

This is a self-paced program (you learn on your own) but if you dedicate yourself to the recommendations of the lab then you're definitely going to become a better programmer.

Audit Trail

The lab achieves this by encouraging you to take Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and allowing you to keep a diary of your activities that is persisted eternally. Your learning history  as written by you, is accessible even post expiration of your license and you can always add to your  story whenever you choose to renew/upgrade an expired license

Google the benefits of MOOCs in Education and you'll discover that that MOOCs promise:

Accessibility and Flexibility. 
Affordability. ...

Diverse Course Offerings. ...

Self-Paced Learning. ...

Skill Development and Career Advancement. ...

Networking Opportunities. ...

Personal Growth and Lifelong Learning. ...

Interactive and Engaging Content.

AW Lab Requirements: 

A Google/Gmail account

Any internet-enabled device, e.g. laptop, tablet, smartphone or TV.

Before you pay: 

Confirm you can use the lab by using the sign-in link in the upper right-hand corner of this link:

If successful, you'll get complaints you need a license when you try interacting with the lab. No worries, once you make payment, you'll get your license in 24 - 48 hours. Your time in the lab starts counting once you've been issued a license

If sign-in fails. Then you'll get complaints you need to sign in / log in whenever you attempt to interact with the lab (e.g. starting a course track). Also recommend you make a couple of repeated attempts at signing in, if it appears there's no effect when signing in, in particular, the sign-in link doesn't change to sign out.


The first time you attempt to sign in you might get a warning message from Google asking whether you trust this site, click on advanced and then click ok to continue. The lab is secure, our ssl is issued by Google Cloud because the lab runs on Google's AppEngine. You'll also see a trusted sites badge at the bottom right-hand corner of the lab.


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