Featured in the header image is Adebayo, the best graduating student in the inaugural computer science class I taught java at moor plantation, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Hello World

My name is Segun and I am a teacher. In particular the sole teacher at AppsWorkforce.

I use a flipped MOOC model to teach and you will be learning from the best institutions on the planet and taught by extremely accomplished professors.

My job is simply to point you in the right direction, encourage you when you stumble and deploy (work-study) teaching assistants when you need additional help

How to use this website

    1. A google account is required, it's free.

    2. For beginners or students, your starting point should be the learn page

    3. For individuals with work experience, visit the earn page

You will track your progress at AW lab school which runs remotely on the cloud (images).

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AppsWorkforce and its predecessor 9JEducation is the brainchild of Segun Sobulo.

Listen to his podcast below to better understand how he approaches building a career as well as his thoughts on education in Nigeria.

It's a lengthy podcast, we suggest you play it in the background while doing something productive