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AppsWorkforce Back End

Big brother is watching. Start tracking progress in select MOOCs by providing regular updates and I'll respond with my professional opinion.
Encouragement via constructive criticism is the modus operandi. You do the work and I make suggestions on how to improve upon your output.

#GIGO,  garbage in ... garbage out. .. so keep it clean.  AW has a zero tolerance policy on all kinds of academic misconduct  and/or fraudulent work.  Nothing personal but it's my job to ensure your shortcomings doesn't impact the next guy's aspirations. 

 AW rocks a nights of the round table (there's no head of the table but there is a king), 3 musketeers (all for one and one for all), and 300 (a well prepared team can defy all odds) approach to learning and earning. 

II'm not ashamed to admit I don't know something, it's the first step towards learning something new. If you need help, just ask  any member that's available and yes that includes me, it's really fun to help each other. 

All opinions are welcome and there are no stupid questions, only foolish answers. 

Best Regards,

Summer is here ...

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New Bodija, Ibadan. Oyo State, Nigeria.

AppsWorkforce Together we can

The link above contains learning recommendations from age 3+ to age 18+ (all are free but valuable). 

Alternatively, engage in a hackathon. Improve the valuation of your experience by choosing activities that contribute to your community within your LGA/City/State/Nigeria.
Sample hackaton:

Or a code camp for children. Value the knowledge sought by providing android/kindle tablets to your ward ( laptops for age 16+)
 Sample camp:

It doesn't matter that the samples are not within Nigeria. Part of the challenge is choosing programs available around you that aim to achieve above in a cost effective manner. And with android phones selling for as low as N10,000 ($28 USD), you can afford to get inspired :)

  Miscellaneous ... Table below shows 1 out of 7 pending bug/typo fixes, 

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Learn, Earn and have Fun

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We strive to foster an envinroment online that encourages you to understand what you choose to learn and to do so in a manner that places a value on your education. 

There's a certain sense of pride that comes from earning a decent living out of building solutions to real world problems. With that pride comes the joy of programming.

  1. Visit our curriculum page and register for any  Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) that's listed on the page
  2. Register at, you will need to login then click on register under the Membership menu. Confirm submission by clicking on status under the Membership menu
  3. Afterwards visit the Membership menu again and click on select license. License pricing varies from Naira equivalents of $1 (One USD) , $,2,500 (Two thousand and five hundred USD) and $5,000 (Five thousand USD). Confirm selection by clicking  sequentially on a couple of items listed under the Billing menu: billing history and download invoice. Call us at 0906-176-6041 afterwards for payment instructions , visit confirm payment under the Billing menu after the call.
  • Visit your availability intelligence website to make a honest assessment as to how much time you're available to work without adversely impacting your education. You want to score an A on the availability to learn check, learning increases your earning potential. In general you want to start with a ratio of 3:1 learning hours to working hours.
  • The AppsWorkforce Work-Study 2018 AI Edition 21 slots available, only one slot occupied thus far. Compensation varies over a span of one year, from $100 monthly  - $800 USD monthly. Work study offers are made via J.A,M.B, either the members only Job Acceptance Matching Board (J.A.M.B) or the invite only  Junior Analyst MailBox (J.A.M.B)
  • Individuals and teams may choose to apply for private projects after completing the M.I.T python 1 course. Projects run for a quarter (3 months) and comes with a stipend of ($300 to $600), payable in two installments (after the first month and after the second month)
Competitive activities listed under the Fun menu on as well as any activities posted on 

Additional Resources for questions we have received in the past about AppsWorkforce and its MOOC agenda. for currently listed products and services available to AppsWorkforce members. 

It takes just a token fee of a dollar (360 Naira) to become a member. We look forward to welcoming you.

Segun Sobulo
Principal Director @ AppsWorkforce
M.S. Computer Science (University of Illinois @ Urbana Champaign)
B.S. Computer Engineering (Illinois Institute of Technology)

The AppsWorkforce Work-Study 2018 AI Editon

posted May 7, 2018, 6:34 AM by Segun Razaq Sobulo   [ updated Dec 5, 2018, 4:04 AM by Olajide Holumide ]

JAMB - Junior Analyst Mail Box

  • 10-15 hours of learning
  • 5 - 10 hours of earning
  • $5/hour minimum wage
  • $100 monthly minimum
  • Lab hangout - 21 members
  • 7 teams, 3 members/team
  • J.A.M.B invite
Our initial work study program was run several years ago for a group of 25 students in Ibadan (under the 9JEducation brand) and more recently we ran it in 2016 when we opened the lab with the support of some of those students as part of their work-study. The biggest challenge along the way has been getting participants to stay committed to our MOOC agenda.

Question isn't whether you can get a good job, rather it's whether you're willing to actually learn. The latest edition of the work study asks you to answer the question above honestly. All our services are centered around the cloud online. Lab size for this edition of the work study is limited to 21 members (you must be able to attend video chats on google hangouts.)

Best Regards and good luck.

Interesting questions

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Talk to David our availability intelligence  AI ... ask him your interesting questions? There are not stupid questions, only stupid answers. Please speak your mind: online chat session opens on Monday 

We've got a question for you though?

AppsWorkforce (Strictly Online)

posted Mar 25, 2018, 6:53 AM by Segun Razaq Sobulo   [ updated Apr 6, 2018, 1:58 AM ]

Please login to to start tracking your MOOC courses. You'll find pricing information for license fees under the choose license page. Current pricing  is 2k, 50k and 100k. Visit the website for more details.

Our flagship course remains the MIT one introductory programming course. There are also code academy courses that provide an easier introduction to programming. Students who failed the o level math questions were turned away from the lab, there are no such checks in this strictly online edition. If you're struggling with the mathematical aspects of programming (which in all honesty is minimal compared to other engineering fields) please indicate your challenges in your course tracks and we'll provide you with additional resources to catch up with your courses. 

If you completed the MIT python 1 course already, then UC Berkley is the next course for you. If you've completed this course as well then please escalate this as it's an indication that you're seriously ahead of the pack and can make significant contributions to project work.

If you have years of programming experience in courses unrelated to the ones we track, list those accomplishment on your CV/Resume, however your progress as a member will be measured only by your performance in the courses as well as activities we track.

Best of luck in all your educational/career endeavors, curriculum suggestions are listed freely on this site but I strongly hope to see membership numbers grow online. There's a huge demand for capable software developers and our goal remains to help you meet that demand.


80% discount off existing 75% discount. Do the math!! (offer expires March 5th)

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Good day All,

We ran a lab out of hussey plaza (see home page for last lecture/presentation there) in yaba in 2016. In 2017 we started ramping down the services we offered so we could retool the concept, in particular we wanted to go from a physical lab space to a strictly online model so we could reach more young Nigerians. Also since the lab was structured around MOOCs, requiring your physical presence takes away from the remote benefits that are  an integral component of MOOCs.

We're still rolling out features for the new version of the site. However we believe we have enough to invite you to join us. The strictly online version of the site is split into two portions:
  • The reference site ( as well as our various social media channels. Content on here is available for free, in particular you can view our curriculum suggestions under the learn menu of this reference site.
  • Our members only site (, content on here is available at a token fee. We offer additional services for members here. When we launched the lab in 2016 we offered 75% off our prices. We attempted lifting this discount in 2017 and enrollment dropped drastically. We intend to revert back to the 2016 price model and will lift the discounts once again about a year from now
However if you're reading this message before March 5th 2018 and you sign up for membership before then, we're offering 80% discounts off the discounted prices in 2016. Visit to register and sign up for membership.Current pricing is 1.6k, 10k, and 20k.

There's strength in numbers, we look forward to seeing you on the friends discussion group. Make sure to introduce yourself after you join.

Lastly, if you can't afford the fees, here's the first lesson we teach "Always pay for internet and electricity". Once you're online visit any MOOC site and sign up for a course that suits your needs. 

Best Regards,
Principal Director
Segun Sobulo

Apply Now

posted Dec 20, 2015, 8:45 AM by AppsWorkforce Support

Membership application portal has opened, please visit to join our inaugural class in January 2016. A member of our team will contact you once you have completed you application online. We look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Classes starting January

posted Dec 20, 2015, 8:27 AM by AppsWorkforce Support

Join us as we kick off classes for the new session at our Labs. We offer variety of programming courses making it a point to start at the beginning then you rapidly work your way up the learning curve with help from a seasoned lecturer as well as teaching assistants. Class sizes are small at no more than 20 students and we boast a 4:1 student to tutor ratio. Help is always around the corner when you have questions.

Whatever your schedule may look like, we have something that fits you. Click here for more details.

75% Holiday Discount

posted Dec 20, 2015, 8:05 AM by AppsWorkforce Support

We are offering a discount of up to 75% off all our lab fees. This is in recognition of the fact that you will be joining our inaugural class, it's the holidays and most importantly we are optimistic that it makes our services accessible to more students. We intend to surround you with other smart students and provide you with a support community on your quest to advance your career as a programmer.

Click here for more info about our pricing discounts.

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