AW Work-Study 2019 Apprentice Edition

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Learn 6.00.1x , then earn and have loads of fun in the process

Have a laptop with 8GB RAM
Have at least 10 hours / week availability
No prior programming experience required, beginners welcome

Ace 6.00.1x then teach/enhance web/mobile apps developed on Google's App Engine. 
Recruiting new apprentices

Monthly wage for 2019/2020:
$10 per hour (10 to 100 hours monthly ~ ₦ 36, 000 k to ₦ 360,000 monthly income)

MIT programming certificate within a quarter (3 months)
1 year experience building cloud solutions
1 year AW G-Suite  license, plugs you into my network
90% remote job, flexible working hours that allow you to pursue other educational and career opportunities

₦ 360,000



AppsWorkforce, terms & conditions - 100% guarantee

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My fellow Nigerians,

To paraphrase Thor's Ragnok marvel movie,  AppsWorkforce( AW) is a people. AW members are a 100% certain that:

  • You learn more about programming in 1 week of MIT's 6.00.1x than you will 4 years in most places in Nigeria (poly,uni, etc).
  • You earn more when you value knowledge. Programming builds human capital, What you can do will add value everywhere around you.
  • You have fun when you know what you're doing. 
School is cool
MOOCs enable you to learn from the best schools in America. Choosing a good curriculum allows  you to:
Nigerians are cool
Remember your upbringing at home, Academic and professional integrity makes earning a decent living very justifiable

MIT's 6.00.1x on edX - June 5th - Aug 7th, 2019

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Once upon a time, learning computer science in Nigeria was bleak but now, there's a 6.00.1x.

This course provides an excellent introduction to  computer science and programming. The course is taught online  by professors at MIT. I've been using a flipped MOOC model that leverages the course content from 6.00.1x to teach programming since 2016. 

Taking this course is privilege. I'm immensely grateful to the good people at MITx for providing this opportunity to the world . In particular, it provides young Nigerians with a credible and viable way to learn. Our country is mired with problems and this course definitely builds your problem solving skills with weekly intriguing challenges that require programming solutions

Happily ever after ending. In my humble opinion,  the course  is heaven sent. Everyone should try it. 

15 hours per week commitment (to MIT's lecture videos and assignments) recommended to keep pace with the course.

Best Regards,

Spring Course

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MIT's introduction to programming course commenced on January  22nd.  If you have never taken this course before, it is highly recommended that you do so. It's the flagship  course recommended by AW for  all its members. This course will teach you how to think as a programmer and show you how to unleash the problem solver within you.

We'll be updating this page with important milestones as they're announced on In particular due dates for the practical programming assignments (problem sets to gauge your understanding)  as well as midterm and final exams.  Please note it's free to audit the course and take the programming assignment. However you must purchase a verified certificate from edX and submit a valid id in order to take the exams on edX. AW verification is also available and not dependent on the exams.

The course uses a continuous assessment model to teach. Don't wait till the last minute to attempt your problem sets. Rather pace yourself, you learn minute by minute as you watch the videos. Tackle all exercises and have fun taking the programming assignments.  It's very ok if your code fails, we learn from our mistakes. Just ensure you make a honest attempt at the problem sets and consult the discussion forums for the course if you hit a road block

  • Course commenced on Jan 22nd
  • First problem set about the core elements of programs is due on Feb 7th
  • Second problem set is due on Feb 14th
  • We'll update this bullet point as more problem sets are released ....
  • Course ends on Mar 26th

If you join the course mid way through after deadline for certain problem sets have passed. Here are some noteworthy points:
  • Start from the beginning. Watch all  videos and attempt all exercises.
  • Ensure you tackle all problem sets from the beginning
  • You will no longer be able to use the grader once a deadline has elapsed
  • You should still test the validity or your code via the sandbox
  • Understand the MOOC process is about pacing yourself to understand
  • If you watch the videos, attempt the exercises and in particular attempt all problem sets, you will understand the material
  • AW verification is dependent on your understanding vs the grades on your edX portal

Winter is here

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1 month Evaluation License (Education Edition) issued on New Years' eve 2018. Licenses will expire on the 31st of Jan 2019
State of our union
As a kid growing up in Ibadan, I remember my peers that'd visited Lagos telling tales of encountering traffic lights, something unheard of in Ibadan in the 80s. As an adult 3rd mainland bridge remains an impressive civil engineering feat that connects an entire city together intelligently. It's not surprising then that interest in MOOCs as garnered from registration data depicted below and Facebook activity of 6k+ likes has Lagos leading the pack. Eko o ni baje o

350 of 450 registered members reported state of residence. State breakdown extracted from Google's Cloud Datastore is thus:

If you're registered with a license,  login to to start tracking your MOOCs, otherwise follow instructions upon login regarding  renewing your license. All registered members were issued a trial license on New Year's eve.

AW registration is currently closed so I can focus on mentoring the subset of currently registered students. However interested applicants can send an email to AW requesting registration/licensing thus

  1. Visit and read  through all the cards on the page. You'll find cards by clicking on each sentence or link on the page
  2. Read through the AW curriculum suggestions to get a sense of where you want to start pacing your MOOCs
  3. Email to request an interview
 General public
AW MOOC suggestions are publicly listed and is curated using the following criteria
  • Courses offered by universities ranked highly in the United States, e.g. MIT is consistently ranked top 3 in computer science in the America
  • Courses must be free to audit
  • Courses that have popular and favorable reviews online
Click here for a list of codecademy (introductory) and edX courses. Completing and understanding the material for the first python course offered my MIT is better for your programming career than getting a bachelors degree in computer science at most tertiary institutions (yes that includes unilag, oau and ui). 

It's through no fault of the students that acquiring software development skills in college in Nigeria amounts to an exercise in futility.  it's simply a case of criminally outdated curriculums and lecturers too underpaid to fight the curriculum. Yes there are a few students that  go the extra mile to educate themselves online but that only begs the question, how good would such students be if all they did was learn online? Got MOOC? 

Ultimately my advice to all young Nigerians is you reap what you sow. You have the right to choose an education and with MOOCs, you have a quality alternative to the current system that touts failure like a badge of honor. 

Young Nigerians are failing jamb. Neither codecademy nor edX require jamb and both are free, Alhamdulilah. You do however need to have  basic mathematics/english knowledge at o-level (SS2 curriculum). If not you will struggle with your MOOCS. 

If you cheated yourself of o-levels by choosing to engage in academic misconduct (i.e. you have certificate but you don't understand algebra), take the time to re-educate yourself (also for free) using KhanAcademy's online courses on mathematics and english for high school / secondary school students
Youth is wealth and  time is money. Get started now.

Love yourself,

Big Brother

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AppsWorkforce Back End

Big brother is watching. Start tracking progress in select MOOCs by providing regular updates and I'll respond with my professional opinion.
Encouragement via constructive criticism is the modus operandi. You do the work and I make suggestions on how to improve upon your output.

#GIGO,  garbage in ... garbage out. .. so keep it clean.  AW has a zero tolerance policy on all kinds of academic misconduct  and/or fraudulent work.  Nothing personal but it's my job to ensure your shortcomings doesn't impact the next guy's aspirations. 

 AW rocks a nights of the round table (there's no head of the table but there is a king), 3 musketeers (all for one and one for all), and 300 (a well prepared team can defy all odds) approach to learning and earning. 

II'm not ashamed to admit I don't know something, it's the first step towards learning something new. If you need help, just ask  any member that's available and yes that includes me, it's really fun to help each other. 

All opinions are welcome and there are no stupid questions, only foolish answers. 

Best Regards,

Summer is here ...

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New Bodija, Ibadan. Oyo State, Nigeria.

AppsWorkforce Together we can

The link above contains learning recommendations from age 3+ to age 18+ (all are free but valuable). 

Alternatively, engage in a hackathon. Improve the valuation of your experience by choosing activities that contribute to your community within your LGA/City/State/Nigeria.
Sample hackaton:

Or a code camp for children. Value the knowledge sought by providing android/kindle tablets to your ward ( laptops for age 16+)
 Sample camp:

It doesn't matter that the samples are not within Nigeria. Part of the challenge is choosing programs available around you that aim to achieve above in a cost effective manner. And with android phones selling for as low as N10,000 ($28 USD), you can afford to get inspired :)

  Miscellaneous ... Table below shows 1 out of 7 pending bug/typo fixes, 

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Learn, Earn and have Fun

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We strive to foster an envinroment online that encourages you to understand what you choose to learn and to do so in a manner that places a value on your education. 

There's a certain sense of pride that comes from earning a decent living out of building solutions to real world problems. With that pride comes the joy of programming.

  1. Visit our curriculum page and register for any  Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) that's listed on the page
  2. Register at, you will need to login then click on register under the Membership menu. Confirm submission by clicking on status under the Membership menu
  3. Afterwards visit the Membership menu again and click on select license. License pricing varies from Naira equivalents of $1 (One USD) , $,2,500 (Two thousand and five hundred USD) and $5,000 (Five thousand USD). Confirm selection by clicking  sequentially on a couple of items listed under the Billing menu: billing history and download invoice. Call us at 0906-176-6041 afterwards for payment instructions , visit confirm payment under the Billing menu after the call.
  • Visit your availability intelligence website to make a honest assessment as to how much time you're available to work without adversely impacting your education. You want to score an A on the availability to learn check, learning increases your earning potential. In general you want to start with a ratio of 3:1 learning hours to working hours.
  • The AppsWorkforce Work-Study 2018 AI Edition 21 slots available, only one slot occupied thus far. Compensation varies over a span of one year, from $100 monthly  - $800 USD monthly. Work study offers are made via J.A,M.B, either the members only Job Acceptance Matching Board (J.A.M.B) or the invite only  Junior Analyst MailBox (J.A.M.B)
  • Individuals and teams may choose to apply for private projects after completing the M.I.T python 1 course. Projects run for a quarter (3 months) and comes with a stipend of ($300 to $600), payable in two installments (after the first month and after the second month)
Competitive activities listed under the Fun menu on as well as any activities posted on 

Additional Resources for questions we have received in the past about AppsWorkforce and its MOOC agenda. for currently listed products and services available to AppsWorkforce members. 

It takes just a token fee of a dollar (360 Naira) to become a member. We look forward to welcoming you.

Segun Sobulo
Principal Director @ AppsWorkforce
M.S. Computer Science (University of Illinois @ Urbana Champaign)
B.S. Computer Engineering (Illinois Institute of Technology)

The AppsWorkforce Work-Study 2018 AI Editon

posted May 7, 2018, 6:34 AM by Segun Razaq Sobulo   [ updated Dec 5, 2018, 4:04 AM by Olajide Olumide ]

JAMB - Junior Analyst Mail Box

  • 10-15 hours of learning
  • 5 - 10 hours of earning
  • $5/hour minimum wage
  • $100 monthly minimum
  • Lab hangout - 21 members
  • 7 teams, 3 members/team
  • J.A.M.B invite
Our initial work study program was run several years ago for a group of 25 students in Ibadan (under the 9JEducation brand) and more recently we ran it in 2016 when we opened the lab with the support of some of those students as part of their work-study. The biggest challenge along the way has been getting participants to stay committed to our MOOC agenda.

Question isn't whether you can get a good job, rather it's whether you're willing to actually learn. The latest edition of the work study asks you to answer the question above honestly. All our services are centered around the cloud online. Lab size for this edition of the work study is limited to 21 members (you must be able to attend video chats on google hangouts.)

Best Regards and good luck.

Interesting questions

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Talk to David our availability intelligence  AI ... ask him your interesting questions? There are not stupid questions, only stupid answers. Please speak your mind: online chat session opens on Monday 

We've got a question for you though?

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