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You will need electricity to power either your laptop (highly recommended) or mobile device. You learn by doing thus your devices need to be powered up to enable you to "just do it" (popular nike slogan)


O Level

If you know enough to pass a JS3 (junior secondary) mathematics quiz, then you should be able to understand the course materials. If you have a B in o-level mathematics then you should know more than what is required. Still you can brush up on your knowledge using online sites such as www.mathplanet.com

All courses we recommend for members are strictly via MOOC platforms. You will need a stable internet connection to access your courses. Also mobile device users will primarily be writing code using an online IDE, so you'll definitely need internet for that as well.


Be available to learn and work. A lot of the courses require 10 - 15 hours weekly in order to truly understand the course materials. That's not counting hours you set aside for other activities such as school, work, church, mosque, etc. Perhaps the biggest indication to success online is whether you actually have the time for it.