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Membership Benefits

Listed  below are benefits for the workforce license (other licenses provide a subset or slightly different benefits from those depicted below). 

Recommendation Letters
Once you have at least one verified course under your belt and you've engaged in a cycle of 360 performance review, you may request recommendation/reference letters for employment/educational purposes
You must have completed most of the courses on the programming analyst track. Our mentors usually have education/employment history that spans both Nigeria as well as one of United States of America (USA), Canada or the United Kingdom (UK).
Career Services
Advice and assistance (Resume/CV templates, resume reviews, mock interviews etc) to help you get full time employment that matches the skills/knowledge you've aquired by completing your MOOCs in a diligent manner
Academic Center for Excellence(ACE). These are study centers assocaited with at least one member with at least one verified course completed succesfully. ACE can only be created by a workforce member, but the centers are accesible to both annual and workforce members.
MOOC Support
Advice on what courses to take (meet David) and when to take those courses. In addition you get access to the workforce course discussion group. Here can get/provide help from/to other worforce members.
TA (Trainer) positions
For members that have at least one verified course, they may apply to become teaching assistants (TA). TAs are usually tasked with helping out other members on the course discussion group. Workforce TAs are also eligible to become trainers that preach/teach the gospel of MOOCs at establishments within the community
Access to the friends discussion group. A no holds barred conversations where you're encouraged to speak your mind about anything related to MOOCs and it's impact on education and/or careers
360 Reviews
Three sixty performance review cylcles. Within a cycle you have to review yourself, get a junior member to review you and get a senior member to review you. Members may be annual or workforce members. Seniority is simply based on the number of completed courses for each member. Performance reviews are triggered once you've completed two courses, however even if you've not completed any course another member may invite you to be a junior reviewer
Earn hustle points for use in the rewards shop. Hustle points may not be purchased or transfered to another member. Your sweat and tears, your hustle (though you can also earn points for being a good team player). Rewards are funded by institutions that applaud your MOOC hustle.
Team Projects
Engage in supervised projects that impact your immediate community in a positive manner. Projects must be researched and implemented by teams constituting of 3-4 annual or workforce members.