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JAMB: Job Acceptance Matching Board

So we chose this acronym to poke some fun at the millions of young Nigerians that the matriculation board denies admission into tertiary institutions by deeming it fit to fail them.  Other than that there are no similarities between the AppsWorkforce definition of JAMB, the former is an exclusive endeavor whilst we're all about inclusion at AppsWorkforce. We believe there's strength in numbers, engineering is a team endeavor and software engineering can't occur outside the context of a team (solo code reviews?). The more the merrier.

So what is JAMB at AppsWorkforce, it's got two meanings, here we focus on the more inclusive definition of the two. The job acceptance is a place where you login to accept existing job openings that match your skill set. How does this work:
  •  We secure commitments from Employers that value the skill sets derived from going to your curriculum
  • The process is non discriminatory, Employers don't get to specify age, race, tribe, gender, marital status etc in their vacancies
  • Job listings are tied to the curriculum, e,g, Employer says "Looking for a junior programmer" and AppsWorkforce posts the listing with Code Academy java and html as prerequisites  
  • You will be able to view all listings but you can only accept jobs that you meet the prerequisites
  • You may only accept one listing per month
  • You accept job interviews vs apply for them. The employer is already committed to offering our members a job provided we've verified they meet the technical requirements of the job
  • Employers have the option of giving you a technical interview , if you fail the interview, it triggers a review of both parties because only one of two things could have happened. Either the employer broke their agreement with AppsWorkforce and tested for knowledge beyond the scope of the listed requirements or AppsWorkforce wrongly verified you as having the knowledge required for the job. Either way, you're not to blame and the purpose of the review is not point the finger of blame at the employer either nor at AppsWorkforce, rather it's simply to answer the question "what went wrong with the model" and how can we prevent reoccurrence in the future (for you, for the employer as well as for other employers and members). The matching board mandates a  100% pass rate on all technical interviews because we verify your technical qualifications only via the courses you've taken and we list only job opportunities that require skill sets matching a subset of the AppsWorkforce curriculum
  • Employers will test for soft skills and though we expect you to scale through this, we've run into cases where people are technically sound, play well within the AppsWorkforce team envinroment, but then show up for their interview and say something silly like "I will be a valuable addition to your team because God blesses anything I touch". Whilst this might be true, you'll simply come across as being evasive. A better answer would be "I'll be a valuable addition to your team because I know how to program, I'm honest, I'm punctual , I work really hard and I believe the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom". You're encouraged to request mock interviews ahead of your actual interviews to prepare you (you'll learn to stay away from certain topics such as politics and religion and embrace certain topics such as volunteer work or your favorite movie, Finding Forrester, that just so happens to be about how a young black kid defied befriended one of the greatest writers of our generation).
  • If you fail to accept a job you interviewed for, you'll be unable to accept any other interviews for another quarter. If on the other hand you failed the interview you will not be able to accept any other interviews until you take a mock interview focussed on preventing the incident from reoccurring. Upon conclusion of the mock interview, we will let you know when next you can accept an interview listed on Jamb and under what circumstances.
  • Both employers and members are required to independently submit reviews of JAMB after each interview. The purpose of the review is simply to provide constructive criticism to help us improve the jamb process
  • Participating in JAMB is optional. You're encouraged to try securing a job on your own both locally and working remotely internationally. If going this route, we recommend you use the amounts stipulated below as guidelines in negotiating your compensation.
On JAMB you will find:
  • Internships,spanning at least 3 months and paying at least $300 per month though we recommend $500 to employers
  • Full time job contracts spanning at least 2 years and paying a minimum of $700 monthly in the first year and a minimum of $1k in the second year
  • You are encouraged to negotiate higher wages than the minimum, accepting an offer less than minimum recommendation will result in both yourself as well as the employer having their access to AppsWorkforce revoked, 
  • Above rule is in place to honor an implicit collective bargaining agreement aimed to protect the earning potential of all AppsWorkforce members. Essentially, if you make a backroom deal that results in you taking less than listed minimums, then other employers can offer amounts less than the minimum amount to other members as well. We are market makers and sticking to the stipulated wage minimums protects all of us from a very unforgiving job marketplace in Nigeria. 

This is one jamb that is not an exam but rather a job opportunity