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JAMB - Junior Analyst Mail Box

AppsWorkforce (AW) is now the primary recruitment tool for FTBS(Fertile-Tech Business Systems)

www.AppsWorkforce.com is built using Java with GWT as the front end framework, and App Engine for the backend. This reference site (about.appsworkforce.com) is built with Google Sites. There's a lot we intend to do with the AppsWorkforce brand and in addition to that our parent company, FTBS, uses the same set of technology for its client deployments. Currently our headcount needs is for about 12 analyst developers across both brands and we intend to recruit only from the AW membership pool. An analyst developer is not only well grounded in the fundamentals of programming but is also able to sit down with business units (clients) to capture their needs and then be able to articulate those needs into a clear and concise project plan that will drive not only the software development of the solution but also the operational procedures that will bring the solution to life.
  • By invitation only
  • Work-Study participants are courted
  • TAs are courted
  • Workforce members that have completed at least 3 courses are courted
  • All members that have at least 5 verified courses may request an invite
Analyst developer contracts are for exactly $1,000 USD monthly for a period of one year. Upon conclusion of your contract, you will either be offered a full time position or shown the door. Analysts are informed of hiring decisions by the 3rd quarter of their contract  to allow time to secure another Job either through the Appsworkforce job matching board or through some other means. All analysts are expected to fulfill their one year contract, failure to do so will result in their AppsWorkforce membership being revoked.